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Dr. Jordan has pulled together ideas and skills from over 30 years of working with girls and parents. If you are not satisfied with this purchase, you may return it within 30 days with a note describing why you are disappointed. We will issue a full refund for what you paid for the course.


What others are saying about Dr. Tim….

Dr. Jordan is one of my go to sources for parenting help and insights. His approach to speaking with and listening to girls open up is a beautiful inside peek into what girls need, and want. I learn how to really speak and listen to my girls in each stage of their lives because of his work.  I’m in gratitude for his wisdom. Thank you for doing what you do. ~ Nikki Valenti
Dr. Jordan has a way of spotlighting hot topics that all parents want to know about. His many years of practice, wisdom, and discernment have enabled him to draw out various topics, big or small, from young girls and teens alike. Dr. Jordan truly has a gift and he’s phenomenal at what he does. ~ Jennifer Mason
As the father of a daughter I often turn to Dr. Tim for wisdom and inspiration on how to better to communicate with my daughter in preparing her to become more independent and to follow her inner voice. ~ John Strubberg
As a publication for young women encouraging their authentic and positive voices to be heard, Metiza Magazine is proud to feature the wisdom of Dr. Tim Jordan. His insight has given our readers food for thought, positive affirmation and tools to help them succeed in today’s world. – Paige Bird, Managing Director, Editor in Chief of Metiza Magazine.
Tim Jordan’s knowledge of important developmental milestones sheds an empowering light on the joy of family and the process of growing up in the world.  He’s created an amazing resource for parents to help their daughters cross the thresholds of growing up with confidence, clarity, and ease. ~ Morgan Osmani, psychotherapist, yoga, and meditation instructor

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