Young Presidents Organization Resources

TH5A8803Dr. Tim and Anne Jordan, are trusted YPO and EO Resources on Parenting and Family. They have created and facilitated over 30 parent/child retreats, many forum retreats for members/spouses and several chapter parenting presentations over the past 12 years.  The Jordan’s can deliver an engaging keynote presentation for chapters as well as working with forums in small retreat settings. They are experts in making their presentations a safe place to share challenges, learn new skills and get answers to your most important questions about raising your children. The Jordan’s were honored by YPO with “Best of Best Speakers” award in 2008.  They also were the sole education resources for the Best Family Retreat of Europe award with the Istanbul chapter in May 2015.  Their overall ratings are 9.4 or better!

I’ve seen a lot of YPO resources over the years. I want to recommend Tim and Anne Jordan. They are absolute experts at parenting. I’ve used them for over a dozen events. They truly are the best and I highly recommend them for your event. They have continued 9.4 overall ratings too!”
~ Mark Moses, Orange County Chapter

          “Applicability of concepts, long-term thinking, and high quality ideas.”

          “Phenomenal and timely insights backed up by lots of data points.”

          “I’ve been with Tim and Anne 4 times and each time I learn and gain

           tremendous insight.”

           “What an impactful 3 days, thank you – we loved it.  I was riding in the car with   Louise yesterday and told her how proud I was of her for having the courage to get up on stage at school and present at the awards ceremony – she smiled (obviously proud of herself!) and said, “Thank you!”  So we both learned something and have already put it to work!  Thank you!”  Michael, Raleigh, NC Chapter

“This event ranks as one of the highest for me within our Chicago Chapter. The impact and connection it enabled for me and my son was truly amazing. I don’t know how else I would have made this happen and have such immediate results.”(Mom’s response after Mother/Pre-teen Son one day seminar)

The following lists are chapter presentation ideas for both Girl related issues and General Parenting topics they enjoy speaking about.

Presentations on Girls Issues:

  • Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women: Guiding the Transformation of
    Adolescent Girls
  • The Hidden Culture of Girls Aggression and What Parents Can Do About It
  • Raising Strong Girls Today
  • Mother-Daughter Bonding: What Helps and What Doesn’t!


Presentations on General Parenting:

  • Keeping Your Family Grounded When You’re Flying by the
    Seat of Your Pants
  • Keeping the End in Mind: Helping children develop self-efficacy,
    self-motivation, resiliency and leadership skills
  • Redirecting Children’s Behavior: A Positive Approach to Parenting
  • If You Want To Be Happy…Teaching Children and Ourselves the Keys to Happiness and Success

To learn more about specific content of each presentation, contact Anne Jordan at 636-530-1883 or