5 crucial tools women need to stop sexual harassment

So much of the focus in the media lately has been on the impropriety of eminent men sexually harassing women, with no attention to teaching teenagers the tools of prevention. I’m focusing this blog on five things girls need to take care of themselves with full knowledge that boys have just as much or more to learn in this regard. Listen to my upcoming blog on how to educate boys about sexual … [Read more...]

“Un-Words” girls desperately need to gain self-esteem and happiness

I have come across a slew of “UN-Words” that describe some essential qualities all girls require for a healthy transformation from a girl to a woman. These virtues are also needed for gaining self-esteem, passion, and happiness. Unreachable: Girls need to have times in each day when they are unplugged from technology, where their friends can't get a hold of them. Why? So they have time to … [Read more...]

Flabby girls: boost these 5 critical social-emotional muscles

Yes, a lot of you girls are too flabby, but I’m not talking about your bodies. I’m referring to vital social, emotional, and psychological muscles that girls need to build up in order to live happy, fulfilled lives. You will have to throw off the shackles of good girl conditioning and push through cultural constrains. Just like in preparing for a marathon, it will require discipline and courage. … [Read more...]

“I’m a lone fruit loop in a bowl of cheerios”: The burden of trying to fit in

Kelly, 14, has had her share of girl drama. Her bestie ditched her in 4th grade for a more popular group, and in some ways she has never recovered. Kelly floated between groups over the next several years, but never really trusted anyone enough to let them in close. Her guardedness made sense. But the most damaging result of her friend’s betrayal was what Kelly made of the experience; the … [Read more...]

How a negative label caused the loss of a powerful female leader

Charlotte was eight years old when she heard the words that would kill her spirit. She overheard her 3rd grade teacher describing her to her mother in words that hurt her soul. “The kids don’t like playing with Charlotte because she is too bossy to everybody, and she always has to have it her way.”  From that day forward, Charlotte became overly careful about every word that came out of her … [Read more...]