The lesson of the butterfly: Let kids struggle and develop resilience!

There is great value in allowing children to struggle, but it requires mom and dad parenting with the long term in mind. It’s often quicker and easier in the moment to do things for kids, rescue them, and solve their problems. In the long run, you’ve made them dependent and lacking crucial coping skills like self-reliance and resilience, both necessary for a successful life. A grandfather … [Read more...]

Dare to be a parent and just say no!

I’m saddened that so many parents need permission to set boundaries and advocate for their children. There is a higher level of insecurity permeating parents today than in previous generations. On the one hand we have helicopter parents whose anxiety pushes them to micromanage and overprotect their kids, with adverse effects. On the other hand there are parents who are reluctant to advocate for … [Read more...]

The coming of the King and Messiah? In name only

I was shocked when I came across an article listing the fastest rising baby names of 2014. Major, King, and Messiah topped the boys list, but a little research uncovered even more absurdity. Another article listing the hottest names of 2015 introduced us to Alivia, Bryony, Indie, and Pandora. And of course who could forget the names Jerusalem, Sabbath, Bender, and my two personal favorites, Babble … [Read more...]


I read a recent article from Macleans CA about the rapidly rising incidence of mental health problems experienced by college students in Canada and the US. They found that a quarter of university-aged Canadians experienced a mental health problem, most commonly stress, anxiety, or depression. A 2011 survey of students revealed that 51% felt hopeless, 87% felt overwhelmed and exhausted, about a … [Read more...]