Dr. Tim Jordan; Teen Counselor St. LouisTim Jordan, M.D., is a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician, which means that he completed a pediatric residency after medical school and then completed two years of a Developmental and Behavioral pediatric fellowship training. One year was spent at the Oregon Health Sciences Center at the University of Oregon and the second year was under the mentorship of Dr. T. Berry Brazelton at Harvard University in Boston. This training allows him to be a counselor or therapist for children and teenagers and their parents about a wide variety of developmental and behavioral concerns.

Dr. Jordan is currently focusing his practice on girls only in kindergarten through college.

He sees girls with issues such as anxiety and fears, self esteem issues, friendship drama concerns, stress, self harm, depression, parent-child communication concerns, family relationships and more. Dr. Jordan does not diagnose nor treat children with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. Parent(s) should come in with their child or teenager to the first visit and then follow Dr. Jordan’s suggestions for follow up appointments as needed.

Counselor for Girls St LouisHis counseling practice is in Chesterfield, Missouri and appointments are one hour in length. We  serve clients from Chesterfield, Wildwood, St. Charles, O’Fallon, all over St. Louis, Missouri and many suburbs of Illinois.     We are considered out-of-network providers as far as insurance is concerned. Therefore, it is best to call your insurance company and ask what coverage your policy allows for out-of-network doctors. We do ask for payment at the time of office visit and will give you a patient statement you may send to insurance after each visit.

To make an appointment, call Anne at the office at 636-530-1883.