To help your girls succeed and soar in life, there is much to learn about the challenging culture girls find themselves facing today.  You will receive 10 videos featuring Dr. Tim's latest researched and updated topics he feels are important for parents to understand.

In addition, you will receive two hard back copies of his books that relate specifically to adolescent girls and young women.

Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women:  Guiding the Transformation of Adolescent Women

Letters from My Grandfather:  Timeless Wisdom for a Life Worth Living 

You will also receive one boxed set of Dinner Dialogue conversation cars.  202 cards to get your family talking about deeper issue and making better connections while having fun!

  1. How brain wiring affects friendships
  2. Learning to listen
  3. How to handle and prevent anxiety
  4. Help girls to become self motivated - part 1
  5. Help girls to become self motivated - part 2
  6. Redirecting disrespect
  7. Developing grit and self-efficacy
  8. Why technology is SO important to girls - part 1
  9. Why technology is SO important to girls - part 2
  10. How to remain a power influence in her life.

Package cost: ONLY $99.00

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