You will receive 12 videos featuring Dr. Tim sharing 5 minute wisdom on various topics of interest to girls and their parents.  Using fun stories and real life stories from girls to help you learn how to navigate the challenges of the pre-teen and teen years.

You will have access to all 12 videos and can view them from your devices with a simple download.

In addition, you will receive a hard copy of his groundbreaking book, Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women: Guiding the Transformation of Adolescent Girls.

Featured videos will include:

  1.  The female brain and why we ruminate
  2.  Controlling your anxious thoughts
  3.  Letting anxious/negative thoughts pass
  4. Go for the roar - pushing through fears
  5. Understanding growth mindset
  6. Ways you give away your power
  7. Ways to keep your power
  8. Know/care/advocate for yourself
  9. Rootbeer feelings
  10. The female brain and friendships
  11. Finding your own path
  12. Why to always trust your gut

Package cost: ONLY $69.00

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