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Raising Strong Girls

Dr. Tim guides girls to become strong leaders and their best selves 

Dr. Tim has provided practical, common sense guidance to children, parents, and professionals throughout the world. He is also founder of Camp Weloki for Girls.

Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician
International Speaker & Consultant
Blogger & Podcaster

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About Dr. Tim

Dr. Tim understands what girls experience growing up. It all started with five little sisters...  

Dr. Tim’s love for working with kids began with caring for his five younger sisters. As he pursued a career as a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician, he discovered he had a magical connection with girls that was built on trust and care.

Dr. Tim has enjoyed 30 years of experience interacting with circles of girls during his personal growth retreats, summer camps, and school programs where girls share their deepest trials and triumphs.

He helps girls from ages 5 – 25 and provides guidance for parents raising daughters.

Dr. Tim with Buddy
Dr. Tim with Buddy
Tim and Anne Jordan
Tim and Anne Jordan
Tim with children in China
Tim with children in China
Dr. Tim podcasting
Dr. Tim podcasting

Dr. Tim helped me realize that I never have quiet time; I’m always occupied talking to people or on devices. I learned that quiet time can allow me to figure myself out even more and to let go of the stress I put on myself.

High School Girl

Attendee, Camp Weloki for Girls

Highly recommend for any stage of being a parent to a daughter. Girls gain tools to be more confident and effective in their approach to many problems and issues they face. My daughter continues to use the methods Dr. Tim taught her in how to deal with relationships with her peers.

Andi Vanacek


Dr. Tim was instrumental in getting our daughter through her teenage years! Not only was he an excellent listener, his professional advice was delivered in a way that she absorbed and could use in her daily life.

Deanna Sivik


Having two daughters, ten years apart my husband and I have counted on Dr. Tim for over twenty years!  He has always given great advice and when it seemed so dire he made us feel relief with a simple and practical action plan.  We always ended with a sigh of relief!    

Denise Biribin


Raising children takes a village and Dr. Tim has been so supportive in helping me raise my daughter to be strong, kind, loving, self-aware, introspective, and to be a person that thinks beyond herself. His teachings coincide with the life lessons I want my daughter to experience as she navigates her teenage years and beyond.            

Debbie Davis


As the father of a daughter I often turn to Dr. Tim for wisdom and inspiration on how to better to communicate with my daughter in preparing her to become more independent and to follow her inner voice.  

John Strubberg



Raising Daughters Logo 2

This  podcast provides information, awareness, practical tools, and inspiration to parents and other adults who work with girls of all ages.

Podcast: Raising Daughters

Great show
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Thank you so much for the amazing guidance as a Mother of 3 this information is beyond helpful.
Christina Bravo via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·05/31/2023

Way Beyond

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Phenomenal. The pod is really about how to live a life worth living in general. I’m a ~30 year old male with no kids, work in mental health. It’s supremely helpful personally & professionally. Thank you for this gift.
Shark_MD via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/27/23

My New Partner in Parenting!  Selmomma, April 2020

I am really enjoying listening to Dr. Jordan's podcasts.  He does a great job explaining the connections between the body, the brain, the spirit and the environment of girls today.  He has a gift for breaking down complex dynamics into simple, understandable components that make overcoming obstacles seem not only possible, but genuinely attainable.  As a parent I find these sessions full of pearls!

LOVE this Podcast!  kippshipp, April, 2020

This podcast is amazing.  I love listening to it each week.  Dr. Jordan has provided me with great advice on how to navigate "the girl world".  He is extremely insightful and I can't wait to keep listening.!


Great podcast!   K. Fitzgerald, 2018

I have recently listened to Dr. Tim’s podcasts and cannot say enough about how much I LOVE listening to him!  His knowledge on so many different platforms is refreshing. Feeling very blessed to have run into this podcast having two daughters ages 11 & 22.

More Please!  Jaybirdslady, 2018      

The topics of this podcast resonated deeply with me. I hope there are many more episodes to come.  As a mother of 3 daughters, one of which is 13, I need this like I need my  morning coffee.

For Parents of Girls 5 - 10 years

Grow and Thrive Package

Grow and Thrive Package

This package covers important topics for girls ages 5 - 10 and includes 6 videos along with two helpful books by Dr. Tim.

For Parents of Girls 11-18 years

Success and Soar Package


This package covers issues pertaining to girls ages 11 - 18 years.  Includes 10 videos along with 2 books and 1 boxed set of Dinner Dialogue conversation cards.

For Parents AND Daughters of All Ages

Heart to Heart Package

Heart to Heart

Ever wish Dr. Tim could talk directly to your daughter about important issues?  This video package does just that for your daughters  AND their parents. Dr. Tim shares common sense ideas through stories and metaphors to help girls understand  valuable lessons. Includes 12 entertaining videos covering issues girls will love learning about and Dr. Tim's book on raising girls.

Don't miss out on Dr. Tim's NEW online parenting course created to help you raise a strong daughter!

Camps and Retreats for Girls

Dr. Tim and Anne Jordan are the founders and owners of Camp Weloki for Girls and they and their amazing staff facilitate weekend retreats and summer camps for girls ages 8 - 18 in Missouri.  Learn more  about the camps they provide for girls by clicking the bar below.


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