Dinner Dialogue Cards

Dinner DialoguesDr. Tim & Anne have created a new product for families called Dinner Dialogue cards to utilize at family dinners, family meetings, car trips or whenever you choose. The box contains 202 interesting questions divided into 6 categories that family members can each answer as a way to get deeper conversations going.

Our intention for these cards is to:

  • learn more about each other
  • accept others life perspectives
  • dive deeper in conversation
  • find a new way to connect

So, turn off the TV, computer and cell phones and get talking!

Price: $19.95 per boxed set

USA only. For international orders contact us at 636-530-1883 or Anne@drtimjordan.com.


“We started using the Dinner Dialogue Cards about 3 months ago.  I truly believe that I know my wife and two daughter significantly better today than I did before.  The cards provoke deep connectivity that has helped me understand them all so much better.   I am thinking of using the cards in our coffee office meeting in the future to try to create the same connectivity and closeness with my team.  Truly relationship changing………”  ~ Sean Keyes, Evergreen, Oregon (YPO Oregon)

“When I first heard about Dinner Dialogues I was SO excited to bring it home to my family! I have never heard of anything like it and was just looking for a different way to spend some time with my family. Playing this game was not like any typical family “game night” or “meeting”, it was a chance to understand and love one another better. With such interesting and thought provoking questions we were all leaning in, laughing, and truly enjoying each other’s company. I learned so much about my family that I didn’t know, but most importantly I learned how to show them I care in new ways. I noticed a big difference in my family after interacting with Dinner Dialogues. We asked more questions, we gave more hugs, and we felt more comfortable around one another. I also felt really understood and able to understand, which meant so much to me. It’s not everyday you get an opportunity to learn more about the people you spend nearly everyday with. I highly recommend you invite Dinner Dialogues to your family’s table.”
~ Maddie

Dinner Dialogues was a great experience. It brought up interesting & authentic topics that we otherwise wouldn’t have thought to talk about. The cards really helped us to get to know each other better. It was awesome to talk about our fears, hopes, and dreams. There were so many things I didn’t realize about my family members and I found a new appreciation and respect for them. Overall, the cards really helped us to connect and spend some really good quality family time together. We didn’t want to put it away!”
~ Dee, mother of 4


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