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Tim Jordan, MD


Dr. Tim has been speaking to audiences of all sizes for over 30 years on a wide range of topics related to adolescent and child development and parenting. Contact Anne at 636.530.1883 to book a speaking engagement on one of the following topics or he can customize something to fit your group specifically.

Overindulged and Overprotected: Raising Kids Who Are Motivated, Responsible and in Integrity

Dr. Jordan will discuss the reasons why kids are overindulged today, the costs to kids because of it, and how to parent kids so that they become self motivated and responsible.

Parenting 2.0

Learn ways to guide kids to become self motivated, teach them to self advocate and problem solve.  Teach them to resolve conflicts with others and learn how they can earn technologies.

How to Raise your Daughter to be the President of Anything She Chooses

Learn to guide girls to see themselves as leaders, and that their are many different ways to lead and be powerful.  Find ways to provide opportunities to self advocate.  Support your daughters self motivation and how to overcome her fears and speak out.

Leadership Lessons Women Wish They Had Learned

Participants will learn valuable lessons about ways to lead and be powerful, self motivated and inner directed,  how to handle conflicts directly, and much more.  Learn new awareness of how your generation may have felt constrained and powerless and how to change that message for the girls in your life now.

Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women:  Guiding the Transformation of Adolescent Girls

This presentation will help parents learn about the female brain and how it affects girls behaviors, pressures on girls today, relationship aggression and drama and much more.

Friendships, Feelings, and Drama: Understanding What Middle and High School Girls Need

Parents and teachers will understand why girls at this age have so much friendship drama, emotional swings and aggressions. Learn the skills girls' need to work on their inner resumes and important ingredients that go into girls' becoming strong leaders.

Keeping Your Family Grounded When You’re Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

Many parents and kids today feel rushed, disconnected, and drained with most of their time together spent nagging, arguing, or stuck in power struggles. Participants will learn some practical tools that will help families create more closeness, cooperation, and also time for the really important things.


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