Dr. Tim Jordan is great and so easy to listen to!  Very easy to relate to, funny and engaging!
~ parent, Suzi R.

Every single thing he talked about was relevant in my life, and I felt like he really understood what I am going thru. Dr. Tim helped bring out ideas I have had and put them into practice to make my life better.  ~ Senior in high school

I feel so fortunate to have you working with our students. We have heard great praise from both teachers and parents as well as from the 4th grade class of girls you are working with this year.  We appreciate you and this outstanding program.
~ Joan Oakley, Assistant Superintendent, Ladue School District

Adolescents have been told for so long that we must follow a certain path in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. What Dr. J effectively communicated to us is that the conventional way is not always the best for everyone, and that is perfectly okay.        ~ Senior in high school

I have been overwhelmed with positive feedback from our attendees. Thank you!
~ Nancy Szigethy, NMS Management, Family Wealth Conference

Dr. Tim's personal approach is quite unassuming which builds trust.  As he offers specific techniques and creates memorable role playing opportunities it becomes easier to see in advance how impulsive reactions create undesired consequences.
~ Pete Spanos, Vetta Sports Clubs

Your non-judgmental acceptance and understanding promoted trust. You touched them and they listened. You showed them strategies to bridge their differences and they responded. Thank you so much for the beautiful day you spent with our Grade Five female students.
~ Anne Reinholdt, Teacher at Forsyth School

I wish we could have this speaker for a whole day!  He has so much great information to share about raising and teaching girls!
~ parent John M.

The Jordan's provided us with excellent tools to help the girls handle conflict, build trust, and resolve differences. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with the Jordan's and I strongly recommend this program for girls.
~ Bridget Nations, Teacher at Chesterfield Montessori School

Dr. Jordan's talks and seminars for teachers have provided easily implemented ideas and suggestions that help teachers help children become more accepting and tolerant of one another, develop greater respect for their differences and recognize the value of cooperation and collaboration. Whether the topic is implementing a program of positive discipline, developing self-motivation in students or the importance of team work in the classroom environment Tim’s entertaining and practical suggestions have helped those who teach in ISSL member schools to be more patient, understanding and proactive in working towards their goal of educating and creating caring and responsible children.
~ Genie Newport Guilliams, Executive Director, Independent Schools of St. Louis


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