How To Be Busy Without Being Hurried & Alone Without Being Lonely

Show Notes:

Set an intention for 2023 to slow down, stop multitasking, unplug, & learn to be alone without being lonely.

Learn to be busy without being hurried

Learn how slowing down does mean being less productive, quitting your job or retiring, or auctioning off your kids. You can learn to be busy without being hurried and stressed out.

Cultural conditioning about busyness & multitasking

The culture conditions us to believe faster is better, hurrying is normal, speed means more efficiency as opposed to having focused concentration on 1 thing at a time and an unbroken flow of attention.

The ultimate goal is not to slow down, it’s to live in freedom, free from distractions and hurrying and stress and pressure & cravings.

Kids are being rushed to grow up too quickly

Dr. Jordan describes the many ways kids today are being rushed to grow up with sports, academics, sexualization, as well as experiencing a decrease in down time.

Learn the cost to us when we multitask and give everything our partial attention and why we’re not actually multitasking; rather, we are switching rapidly between different activities.

Devices & social media contribute to feeling anxious & rushed

Dr. Jordan also describes the effects of devices and social media in causing anxiety, stress, FOMO, and decreased empathy and connection. 

The benefits of meditation and quiet time

Learn the benefits of developing regular slowing down practices such as daily meditation time. Dr. Jordan explains some examples of how to meditate and to cultivate quiet time for solicitude, reflection, and learning to be alone without being lonely. 

How to consciously take charge of the pace & direction of your life

You CAN have it all as long as you are in charge of what that means for you vs. comparing yourself to others, trying to measure up to unrealistic cultural standards & expectations, running your life by shoulds, or making choices based on fear of criticism or how you look or being judged.

It’s your life, you set the pace, consciously make choices about your work, schedule, relationships, who you spend time with, allow time for self-care and meeting your needs too Iquit pediatricsmy reading challenge, conscious choices about sports & activities to allow for more down time

For some in-depth info on how to live a more mindful life, read Dr. Jordan’s book,Letters from My Grandfather: Timeless Wisdom for a Life Worth Living

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