031: Girls Who Want More: What Belle, Moana, and a Frog Have in Common

Fairy tale heroines weren’t looking for a prince to marry. Rather, as Ariel, Belle, and Moana all sang, “I want more!” They longed for more adventure, to get out of their comfort zone in order to fully grow into their magnificence, take risks and overcome challenges, and to experience the world beyond their own back yard.

In this podcast, listeners will learn:

  • ŸHow girls may lose their passions because of the limited thinking of the adults around them
  • ŸHow today’s prescribed path to success actually hinders girls
  • ŸYou will hear some fictional and real life stories of people who overcame limited thinking and being different to change the world
  • ŸHow parents can support their daughters who “want more” than the normal, prescribed path to success

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