Thou Shalt Not SHOULD On Thyself

The holiday season is over, but did you take the opportunity to make it what you wanted? Meaning, now that january 1 has passedPodcast About Raising Daughters are you all pissy because you had to do this and go there and meet people you didn’t really want to meet…ie did you end the  season dripping with resentment?!

Take all the SHOULDS out of your life and make choices based on what is in the best interests of you and your family. My good friend Lisa goes by the mantra that if there had been 11 commandments the 11th would have been:


Make any events you attend be WANT-TO’S vs. HAVE-TO’S. Make sure that there is plenty of down time to relax and play with your kids. Don’t overbook your schedule with too many plans: YOU are always in charge of your plans, so no blaming!

Just know that some people will take offense when you take better care of yourself in these ways, and let that be okay. You can’t and don’t need to please everyone.

Have a GREAT 2013, and make it just the way you want it to be.


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