How to support kids to find their intrinsic motivation, passions, and purpose

Show Notes:

A parent’s job is to offer encouragement & resources to support their daughters in finding their intrinsic motivation, passions, and purpose

Stories of how people found their motivation & passions

Children find their passions and the motivation to pursue them in many different ways.

Dr. Jordan tells numerous fascinating stories about eminent people and how they found their purpose, calling, and motivation.

Most kids need to experience a range of experiences before they find their “thing”.

Finding motivation from overcoming adversity

Some kids find their motivation by overcoming adversity.

Kids need encouragement & support

Kids need someone in their corner who can help them become aware of their intrinsic motivation, who value their interests and passions, and who encourages them to go for it.

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She Leads

For more information about how to support kids in finding their passions and calling, read Dr. Jordan’s book, She Leads: A Practical Guide for Raising Girls Who Advocate, Influence, and Lead


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