How to Keep Your Daughter Safe With Her Phone and Social Media

Show Notes

Digital wellness expert Dawn Wible discusses programs for keeping kids safe on their devices and social media.

Who is most vulnerable to the harmful effects of devices?

Dawn shares who is most vulnerable to the harmful effects of devices and social media, including information about the immature adolescent brain.

How screens affect our lives

Dawn talks about the areas in our lives that are deeply affected by our screens and what we can do to move toward healthy and safer habits – digital flourishing vs. addiction.

Best monitors & filters for online safety

Dr. Jordan and Dawn go into monitors and filters she recommends, online safety talks with kids/teens, and strategies to “delay” smartphone and social media until later. They also talk about when kids are ready to start using a phone and what kinds of devices to start them with. 

resources for keeping kids safe online

Dawn discusses the resource Bark to help parents with monitoring, managing screen time, blocking websites, and track location. She also shares her thoughts on how to do check-ins and hold kids responsible to agreements about usage.

How to contact Dawn Wible and access her resources:

Bark phones and monitoring

Contact Dr. Jordan at


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