The Un-Girl Solution- Part 1

As I have been writing my new book about adolescent girls, I have come across a slew of UN-words that describe some essential Podcast About Raising Daughtersqualities all girls require for a healthy transformation from girl to woman.

For instance, unreachable.  Girls need to have times in each day when they are unplugged from technology, where their friends can’t get a hold of them.  Why?  So they have time to decompress and to deal with whatever went down that day.  It’s impossible to achieve that if you are constantly being barraged with texts and Facebook postings.

Which brings me to 2 related un-words: undisturbed and uninterrupted.  For me that means times when girl would not be multitasking and when they would be alone.  All girls, especially in the teen years, need times of solitude to gather themselves.  They need sacred spaces where they can let their hair down and be real and in the moment. That means being less busy and distracted with electronics, technology, friends, and even activities.

Spending time alone, unreachable, uninterrupted, and undisturbed would allow stressed-out girls to breathe, refuel their empty tanks, and focus on the crucial work of transformation that all girls are undergoing in adolescence, whether they are aware of it or not.


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