“Un-Words” girls desperately need to gain self-esteem and happiness

I have come across a slew of “UN-Words” that describe some essential qualities all girls require for a healthy transformation from a girl to a woman. These virtues are also needed for gaining self-esteem, passion, and happiness.

Un-word qualities all girls need:

Unreachable: Girls need to have times in each day when they are unplugged from technology, where their friends can’t get a hold of them. Why? So they have time to decompress and to deal with whatever went down that day. It’s impossible to achieve that if you are constantly being barraged with texts and social media postings.

Undisturbed and Uninterrupted: All girls, especially in the teen years, need times of solitude to gather themselves. That means being less busy and distracted with technology, friends, and even activities. Adolescents would also benefit from less multitasking and more mindfulness, i.e. being fully present and doing one thing at a time. These actions would help girls be more productive and less stressed.

Unleashed: It’s vital that our girls throw off the shackles of the good girl conditioning and bust out unbridled to take risks, embrace challenges, and become their full selves. The juiciest fruits exist on the tree’s skinniest limbs, and the same goes for a girl’s destiny. Give girls permission to make some noise, go against the grain, have an opinion that is unpopular, make some waves, try new things, get out of their comfort zone, and go for it.

Understanding: Instead of being in judgment of their peers, I want girls to come from a place of understanding. I like the idea of being kind to everyone you meet because everyone is facing their own battles and challenges. Teach girls to get into other people’s shoes and see the world from their perspective. This is a recipe for less drama, anger, and hurts. This is especially true today as we battle racism and our political divisions.

I will add more qualities to this list of “un-words” in a future blog, but for now encourage these virtues with your words, actions, and modeling. Have your daughter read this blog, and use it as the basis for some fruitful conversations.

For more information on raising girls who are confident and unleashed, read Dr. Jordan’s new book, She Leads: A Practical Guide for Raising Girls Who Advocate, Influence, and Lead


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