No Teacher Left Behind

Be kind to every child, because you don’t know what kind of battles and challenges they are facing each and every day.

I am still struck every day with how complicated the lives are of Podcast About Raising Daughterschildren growing up today. And the challenges I am speaking of are close to home, literally. Many kids are dealing with parents who: argue and fight, separate, divorce, date other people, remarry, introduce all varieties of blended families and home situations, have issues with alcohol or drug abuse, are neglectful or absent, betray their trust, abuse them physically, mentally, and emotionally, and who sometimes die. Too many kids have to sift through these issues without the support of caring adults, and many who could really benefit from therapy don’t receive it. Add onto this all of the pressures inherent in growing up and from the media and culture and it isn’t surprising that kids can become overwhelmed.

Kids often mirror the adult world around them, and this reminds me that parents are also living complicated lives these days. Academic and school pressures, media influences, economic stresses, and of course technology concerns have all been ratcheted up for the current generation of parents. And parents are feeling pretty stressed and overwhelmed with all they have to deal with in trying to raise kids in the current climate.

And that leads me to one final cadre of people, teachers. Educators have to deal with both of the aforementioned groups, kids and parents, as well as amped up standards, testing, and pressures from the government. We need to create a new educational reform entitled “No Teacher Left Behind” that would give teachers the kind of support and education and appreciation they so richly deserve.

Be kind to every teacher you meet, because they are facing tremendous pressure from all sides without adequate training and support. And finally, say these words to your child’s teacher the next time you see them:

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you’ll ever know.”    Winnie the Pooh


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