Stories of eminent women show how to see through the rough edges of strong, independent girls and how to support them to grow into powerful leaders.

Show Notes:

A lot of powerful young girls get labeled as bossy and mean just like powerful women are often judged as bitchy/aggressive

Dr. Jordan discusses the need to reframe this vision of strong girls to seeing them as powerful with rough edges that need to be smoothed out, not overpowered

Listen to fascinating stories about some real eminent women who started as powerful young girls and developed into amazing women who changed the world: Margaret Knight, Harriet Tubman, Golda Meir, Mayra Avellar Neves, Elizabeth Blackburn, Ilhan Omar, and Rita Dove

Dr. Jordan also discusses the need to find good mentors for girls along their path, give them outlets for their power like being of service, and to always see through the external behaviors for the strong leader within. 

Contacting Dr. Jordan:

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