How to help kids gain resilience and thrive from adversity

Interview with Meg Jay, author of the book Supernormal, about the adversities kids experience and how to support them to develop resilience & thrive

Show Notes

Dr. Jordan interviewed Meg jay PhD, author of the book, Supernormal: The untold story of adversity and resilience

Adversities faced by kids

Nearly 75% of people experience adversity by the age of 20 (loss of a parent to death or divorce; bullying; alcoholism or drug abuse in the home; mental illness in a parent or a sibling; neglect; emotional, physical or sexual abuse; having a parent in jail; or growing up alongside domestic violence)

How fear and chronic, cumulative stress affects the brain

Keeping secrets is harmful

Why keeping secrets about your adversities is so harmful to kids; what predicts distress after adversity is not severity of the event but how alone one feels afterward; discussed the value of girls sharing their stories at Camp Weloki and knowing they aren’t alone or crazy

The benefits of being supernormal (having gotten thru adversity) 

Qualities that help kids become resilient

What qualities/experiences best help kids adjust & become resilient

Why girls are hardier than boys when subjected to stress &  adversity

Focus on how you survived vs BROKENNESS

The importance of focusing on how you survived vs just about your hardships or how you are broken

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For more info on the pressures & stressors girls experience & how to support them, read Dr. Jordan’s book, Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women: Guiding the Transformation of Adolescent Girls


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