Moana and Dorothy: Reframing adolescence as the heroine’s journey

The stories of fictional characters like Moana, Harry Potter, and the Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy can help your daughter reframe her adolescent challenges as a normal part of her heroine’s journey and to relax and enjoy the process.

Why girls must embark on the heroine’s journey

Every adolescent girl must embark on this journey to discover new depths of courage, strength, hope, and resolve within herself that she can draw upon to overcome the challenges of growing up

Won’t grow in protected environments; growth as response to demands/ challenges of experience

My favorite books about the heroine’s journey

Favorite books: Spinning straw into gold, Original fairy tales, Sound of a silver horn, She, The witch must die, Joseph Campbell’s The power of myth & The hero with a thousand faces, Women who run with wolves

The stages of the heroine’s journey

Call to adventure is a summons to leave old beliefs; Dorothy called to a larger life beyond her outmoded situation in Kansas; Rapunzel, Little mermaid, Cinderella yearn to break loose from home even at the risk of losing their life

Our heroines usually meet a mentor who guides and encourages them on their quest. Mentors like Moana’s grandmother, Professor Dumbledore for Harry Potter, the good witch Glinda for Dorothy, Gandalf for Frodo and Bilbo; all saw more in our heroines before they could see it in themselves

Fictional young heroines must confront their deepest fears and face a series of dangerous encounters that tests their strength & resolve; must gain the strength and resources to survive & be ready to face the adult world

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, girls must pull back the curtain of her limiting beliefs and conditioning and look inward to find her power and innermost resources. 

The need for alone time & reflection

Your daughter must learn to get quiet and go inward to find her own truth and strength. She must learn to stop giving away her power just as Dorothy learned to hold onto her ruby slippers. And like Dorothy, girls must become aware that they have the power to realize their own heart’s desire. 

Fairy tales and fictional stories are a great vehicle to understand the trials and tribulations of both the story’s characters as well as your own. Girl’s feelings of discontent, restlessness, emptiness, uncertainty, anxiety and despair can be normalized in the context of the heroine’s journey

What are touch points?

Touch points: feel out of sorts, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, self-doubt = sign of growth, transformation, change

What has called you? Any urges? What ignites your passion? What pulls you in a positive direction? Who helps you stay on course? What brings you joy, fills your heart, inspires you?

Learn to have quiet, alone time to reflect, soul search, check in with her feelings & intuition; trust urges, understand touch points & Heroine’s journey

Descent into the maelstrom metaphor: what will you hold onto to get you thru tough times? Friends & mentors & parents

Reframing the challenges of adolescence

Reframe road of trials (college process) to road of adventures & excitement full of opportunities to grow, learn who they really are and what they’re capable of vs. focus on fears

Help her find passions and friends she can hold onto to get her through the tough times. Like these heroines, your daughter can learn to master her emotions, face her fears, overcome challenges, and ultimately find and embrace the parts of herself that yearn to be expressed.

Dr. Jordan’s contact

If this podcast resonated with you and how you can support your daughter’s heroine’s journey, click on this link and get his book, Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women: Guiding the Transformation of Adolescent Girls


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