The most amazing girls I know: An interview with 3 “old souls”

Dr. Jordan’s fascinating  interview with 3 high school girls about what it’s like to be an old soul:

Show Notes:

Questions the girls answered: 

Describing “old souls”

What does it mean to be an “old soul”?

When did you 1st notice you were different/ saw things different/ noticed and felt things different

Overwhelming emotions:

Ever get overwhelmed with emotions b/c feel so deeply?

Social challenges:

Was it hard to stay out of dramas?  Feel alone or different? Out-of-the-loop?

Sometimes get into judging peers as immature, stupid? Cost to you?

Using the concept of “I’m an ass, you’re an ass”

“I’m an ass, you’re an ass” concept: understand peers vs. judge; most people sleep walking thru life, don’t expect more from them or will be constantly disappointed

Understand and accept them where they are

Different levels of friends: acquaintances vs. BFF’s; not write people off

How “Old Souls” find their tribe

Find tribe! How Camp Weloki helps them, Safe spaces, like minded friends, older friends, job

Fully engaged in passions: Smart Girls Gifted Women book

The benefits of being an old soul 

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