12 Ways Girls Give Their Power Away

Show Notes:

Here are 12 ways girls give their power away and how it costs them.

Reasons why girls give thier power away

Dr. Jordan explains reasons why girls and women give their power away, including good girl conditioning, risks she faces if she speaks out and advocates for herself, and the numerous mixed messages that confuse girls.

12 ways girls give up their power

Listen as Dr. Jordan shares lots of real-life stories about how girls give their power away including: not asking for what they want, make decisions so others will like them or not be disappointed, make everyone happy and put everyone else’s needs above theirs, compare themselves to others, give up parts of them to fit in, not handle conflicts directly, allow words to hurt them, and not trusting their intuition.

The costs to girls of giving up their power

You will also learn how these habits cost girls in terms of confidence, self-esteem, happiness, and success.

For more information on this issue, read dr. Jordan’s latest book, She Leads: A Practical Guide for Raising Girls Who Advocate, influence, and Lead

She Leads
She Leads

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