What the World Needs Now Is Listening, Sweet Listening

Show Notes

Children, parents, couples, and the world would be far better off if we’d all learn to listen to each other; here’s how to accomplish this.

Research into the value of feminine qualities of leadership like listening and empathy

People around the world believe that feminine qualities of leadership correlate more strongly with making the world a better place. Listening, collaboration, and empathy are some of the qualities most needed.

Dr. Jordan describes some of the benefits of listening including increasing your leadership potential.

How to teach girls skills for RESOLVING conflicts

Dr. Jordan describes how he teaches girls the skills for handling conflicts directly and effectively. This includes listening, getting into the shoes of other people, and creating win-win agreements.

The turtle & the hailstorm metaphor for improved communication

Parents and kids can learn from Dr. Jordan’s turtle & the hailstorm metaphor for better communication that allows parents to remain an influence in their daughter’s lives.

How distractions & multitasking interfere with listening

One of the biggest deterrents to good listening is people being distracted and multitasking. Learn here some of the research about the negative effects of multitasking.

Girls need quiet, alone time to listen to themselves

Girls need to learn to cultivate quiet, alone time to listen to themselves, to access their intuition, and to follow their urges. 

The value of modeling good listening

Dr. Jordan also discusses the importance of parents modeling good listening with their spouses.

Contact Dr. Jordan: www.drtimjordan.com

For more information on parenting girls, especially in the areas of understanding & supporting their emotions and friendships, check out Dr. Jordan’s online parenting course: Parenting girls: The challenges girls face today with their feelings and friends and what they need 

Parenting Girls

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