Sacred, safe spaces allow girls to connect and flourish

Having safe spaces where they are accepted for who they are allows girls to stretch & flourish

Show Notes:

Dr. Jordan provides examples from his camp, Camp Weloki for Girls, about what a safe space looks like for girls:

· spa night

· 150 foot slip and slide into the lake

· karaoke night

· skits

· What allows girls to be willing to be so brave? deeper connections from living together & sharing in our circle times

· everyone shares stories = people can understand me and relate = not alone

· feel accepted, not judged = free to bust out and try on new activities and personas; out-of-comfort zone

· experiments: growing edges: safe to try out new ways of acting, get feedback, notice if fears occur, create (+) evidence that shows it’s ok to be yourself

· need safe, sacred spaces to experience this freedom: youth group, on vacation with relatives & cousins, some neighborhood gatherings, Camp Weloki for Girls weekend retreats & summer camps

For more information about Dr. Jordan’s weekend retreats, summer camps, and Strong Girls Strong World School program, contact him at


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