How Your Daughter Feels Different Matters

Show Notes: All girls feel different in some way & they need our unconditional love & support

Here’s to the kids who are different poem

How you feel different CIRCLES at my camps & school programs

The many ways girls feel different

Sizetallest girl, 1st to start puberty, short, heavier build, “fat thighs”, long legs, muscular arms 

Appearance: big nose, red hair (research great GM), curly hair, 1st to have braces, 1 finger on both hands, no fingers on 1 hand, cochlear implant with hearing aid b/c deaf, dark skin, birth marks, cleft lip

Behavior: stutter, tics, fear of vomiting, misophonia, impulsive or can’t sit still, not a girl-girl, confide in pets or stuffed animals

Labels: ADHD, depressed, anxiety, social anxiety, shy, loud, too sensitive 

How girls feel different in their family

Family: adopted, divorced, only child, embarrassed to have Fs over b/c Ps fight a lot, have 2 moms, brother with autism, sister with Downs syndrome, wild sister who’s always in trouble & fights with Ps and cops called, dad in prison, Iowa Ps with drug problems (meth), introvert in family of extroverts, artsy in family of athletes 

Things: not have a phone or on social media, not get to watch TV shows friends do, no free time b/c so many activities, uncommon hobby 

Ways girls feel different due to their abilities

AbilityGillian Lynne story; schoolwork is hard, dyslexia, think they are stupid, worst athlete at recess, slow runner, uncoordinated, last kid chosen for games, all siblings with straight A’s & they struggle for Bs & Cs, feel behind socially, family of achievers & they want to do hair 

Lessons & gifts from their differences

Stories of eminent people who didn’t fit the mold as kids:

Choreographer Gillian Lynne, Sculptor Olga Ayala, American artist Benjamin West

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