The Real Keys To a Happy Life: It’s Not What You Think

Show Notes

Happiness does not result from having more money, fame, or likes; it comes from living a life of purpose & service.

Kids have experienced unhealthy conditioning about happiness

Kids have been conditioned to believe that happiness results from externals such as being rich, famous & popular, winning the lottery. The culture tells them that more & faster is better, and that achievement is more important than character. We’re raising a generation of human doings who are insatiable and forever discontented.

The thrill-hangover cycle

Dr. Jordan explains his thrill-hangover cycle that many adults and teens are stuck in, where they continue grabbing for unhealthy thrills to pull themselves out of feeling empty or unhappy, but then experiencing larger and larger emotional hangovers as a result. 

The benefits of shifting your intention for doing things

Learn how shifting your intention for doing things is a valuable way to become happier.

Selfless service is the key to a happy and purposeful life

Dr. Jordan explains using several stories about how selfless service may be the best way to happiness; set an intention this holiday season & for the new year to have your “arrows out”and experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with it.

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Happy Holidays!


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