Family Meetings: The Best Parenting Tool Ever!

Show Notes:

Intentions for running weekly family meetings:

Running weekly family meetings results in more closeness, increased cooperation, kids who feel empowered & heard, & who learn many crucial life skills.

Here are some of the main intentions for running family meetings:

All have a voice, feel heard & understood & important 

Advocate & get in other’s shoes = develop more empathy, perspective

Create win-win agreements: ensures greater cooperation, easier to follow thru

Learn problem-solving & brainstorming skills 

Handle sibling rivalry, kids take  responsibility for their conflicts

Learn leadership skills

Guidelines for running family meetings

Guidelines for running family meetings: go to my website at to get my list of 12 guidelines for running family meetings.

Results & benefits from family meetings

Some of the results of family meetings

Kids take on more responsibility

Agreements/accountability model vs. rules/punishments 

Proactive approach, stay on top of things, less reactive, more peaceful home 

Eliminate nagging, reminding, rehashing, yelling, threaten to take things away, annoying sticker systems = stop manipulating kids with a carrot-stick approach 

Kids feel heard, empowered, valuable, confident, close, and relaxed 

Blended families: makes it easier for step-parents to be able to be involved in disciplining their step-kids

Dr. Jordan’s website:


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Family Meeting Guidelines

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