Why Every Parent Needs To Meditate With Katie Krimitsos

Raising Daughters | Katie Krimitsos | Meditation And Mindfulness

Many parents struggle with juggling everything, leaving them feeling burnt out. Even in the midst of chaos, you can still find calm, clarity, and connection with the magic of meditation. Today, Dr. Jordan chats with Katie Krimitsos, founder of the Women’s Meditation Network, to explore how meditation and mindfulness practices can be powerful tools for busy parents. She also reveals the misconceptions about meditation, identifies meditation practices, and how meditation helps with parenting. No matter how busy you are, Katie will show you how to fit it into your day with easy-to-follow guided meditations and mindfulness practices. Learn how to become a more present and mindful parent today! Join Katie Krimitsos to unlock your potential today.

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Why Every Parent Needs To Meditate With Katie Krimitsos

You’ve heard me talk in this show before about self-quieting for kids. The girls who I work with in schools and camps, retreats, all those things in my counseling practice. The importance of quiet time. The importance of having time to reflect and soul search and check in with yourself, but I haven’t talked about parents doing that and the importance of them modeling that and also how to do that if you’re a parent out there who is probably rushing around and feeling pulled and everything. I thought what I would do today is bring on somebody who knows what they’re talking about, an expert. Her name is Katie Krimitsos

I found Katie because she has a really cool site that she’ll describe as we go along in this interview. It’s like a meditation network for women. She has all kinds of visualizations and quieting music and meditative kinds of things. I thought she’d be a good person to have come on to give you guys some inspiration and some information about how to actually have some quiet time. Thank you so much, Katie, first for coming on the show. 

Raising Daughters | Katie Krimitsos | Meditation And Mindfulness

Dr. Tim, thanks so much for having me on. I appreciate it. 

You have two daughters. I think I read that somewhere, right? 

Yeah, two daughters, 8 and 5. Are we in an intense season right now? That’s how I like to describe it. 

I just spent last weekend with 22-grade school girls on a retreat. Such a cute age, third, and fourth grade, I feel a few fifth graders, but it’s also a busy time. 

I describe it as intense because I feel like in any given week like the emotions, the intensity of the emotions can be super high and super low, like hour to hour it feels like sometimes. This happens to be one of those weeks that I am in right now. Then some weeks it’s all play and all smiles and jokey yokey, everything’s good. It seems to go back and forth between those two. 

My show that came out yesterday, recorded it about a month ago, but I’d done a weekend retreat for middle school girls. I recorded three girls talking about what’s it like to be a middle school girl. It’s very interesting, very sobering. They’re very articulate, open, honest kind of kids. I think that’s a good one for anybody listening to go back and listen to that. Tell me first, how’d you get to this place in your life where you’re talking about and teaching people about meditation?

I have been meditating in some form since I was 19 years old. I’m 45 now, 20 plus years. I’ve never done it perfectly. I need to make sure to state that right up front, but I have used it enough as a tool, mostly for self-introspection. That’s always been the deeper reasoning behind it. It grabbed for meditation at times that I have felt very high anxiety, very frustrating. I’m not getting what I want in life. I’m grappling with something that I don’t know really how to deal with. I cannot sleep. 

Very practical reasons. Moments in my life I’ve used meditation as one of the many tools, but a very powerful tool to help me process it, move through it, and eventually really transcend it. Once you package it all together, that is a really beautiful self-introspective moment. I have come to see it as a tool that has helped me get to know myself well. Anyway, I began my podcasting career back in 2014, so quite some time ago. 

Back then I had a business podcast for women entrepreneurs. I loved it. It was amazing. It built an entire huge business for me. I loved doing the coaching work to help women through. I had my first kid and made the shifts on how to do the mompreneur thing. Fast forward to 2018, I got pregnant with our second kid. In that pregnancy, I don’t know, anyone who has ever been pregnant knows something in your life immediately changes.

For me, what that was, was this incredible deep knowing that I was done with that business, which was very scary because I had been in it, it was a beautiful lifestyle business for us, it was taking care of our family at the time. I went within and said, “What do I actually want to do? If this is not what I want to do, what do I want to do right now? I’m about to have a newborn, and I have a two-and-a-half-year-old, what season am I in and what do I want to do? 

A few months before, I had the idea for a meditation podcast for women, but I set it aside because it didn’t line up well with my business-focused company at the time. Now here I was a few months later, just contemplating all these things I could potentially do. My husband was the one who reflected it to me. “What about that meditation idea?” I was like, “What about it?” He’s like, “What about it? What could it be?” 

In that opening is really where the seed of the women’s meditation network was planted. It became very clear to me very quickly that I could take something that I loved and use as a practitioner, and I could marry that with what I believe are my gifts of communication, my gifts to be able to write and to be able to put little love poems out there for women that are very affirming, that are a gentle reminder of who they are. 

I knew having worked with women for so long in the entrepreneur space, that 90% of the issues that we had in business and that they were having in business were some sense, it was like negative self-talk or it was self-worth or doubt or what have you. I was already in the habit of really unlayering all of that stuff and talking directly to the soul. Fast forward. I decided to build that out and I knew right away it would be a big network. 

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I knew I wanted a business model that could take me away from having to meet one-on-one with clients because I was about to enter a season with a newborn and a toddler. I wanted time and freedom and I wanted the ability to go big. I came up with the Women’s Meditation Network idea. I launched my very first podcast called Meditation for Women back in 2019, just about a month or two later after I had found out we were pregnant. 

Fast forward, we now have 20 podcasts that are a part of the network, from Sleep Meditation for Women, Morning Meditation for Women, Daily Affirmations, and Sleep Stories. Our last batch of five are kid-related. Meditation for Kids, Sleep Meditation for Kids. For me, it has been this really beautiful opportunity to live out my gifts as this podcaster, somebody who knows the podcasting arena, a writer, somebody who believes and wants to breathe life and love into women all over the world and this is what has come out. 

You’re obviously very passionate about what you do, which is awesome. In order for, I think, women, men, anybody to really commit to a practice of meditation or self-quieting, whatever you want to call it, I think it’s so easy for people today to say, “I don’t have any time, I don’t have time.” Maybe talk for a few minutes about it, you’ve mentioned a few so far but mention some of the benefits about why women might want to take up this practice.

I’ll talk about the benefits and then I’ll talk about an easy first step to get into it if you’re hearing that voice called, I don’t have enough time for this. There’s like immediate benefits and then what I consider deep soul benefits. Those immediate benefits are it helps to calm you down in any intense moment. It’s going to help you fall asleep. It’s going to lower blood pressure. It’s going to regulate your nervous system. It’s going to have all these very good physical effects on your body right away. 

You’ll feel it right away. Take five deep breaths and you will feel the impact physically right away. What I consider the deeper soul benefits are, we’re going back to what I spoke about, I really feel that meditation is a tool for self-awareness. If we really want to talk big game here, big picture here, when you practice meditation imperfectly, like however you want to practice it, we’ll talk about that in a second, that it can look like a lot of different things. 

When you practice that and you allow yourself and choose to use this tool as a space for getting to know yourself, pretty soon you start recognizing that there’s a difference between the noise and the voice. The voice inside is our intuition, our inner self, our inner being, our soul, who knows who we are, who knows what the next step is, who knows the answer to that question that our sort of ego human selves have been grappling with and trying to figure out. 

My big belief is that when we use meditation very purposefully when we’re willing to sit with ourselves and get to know ourselves this way, that voice starts to become very clear and then we can decide to be brave and take action on that voice and learn to trust that voice. Soon we have a life that we have designed, not a life that has been scripted for us. There’s enormous freedom in that because now we’re actually living lives that are guided by our inner knowing, which means you don’t really care about what anyone else has to say. You legit are living your life for you and by you I think that’s incredibly powerful.

Sometimes I tell girls who I work with that I’ve been doing meditation for a long time, 25 plus years probably. I tell them, it’s not so much if I meditate this morning, I’m like Mr. Peaceful all day. For me, it’s besides what you said, it’s also for me, instead of my life having big jagged ups and downs, I’m much more even. I can just internally that it helps in that way for me. I’m sure you find that. 

100%. I think that there is a misnomer that like, if you’re somebody who meditates like, “You sit on this beautiful meditation pillow all day and life is so Zen.” If you would have seen me yesterday, all the expletives come out. Life is hectic. We’re living this life and as a human and it’s intense. It’s a lot, right? Of course, you’re going to have reactions. Of course, you’re going to have emotions. Of course, things are going to be high and low. Meditation is much like journaling, much like movement. These are all powerful ways to be able to soften things, to soften those edges. 

Mini Meditations

It’s really powerful for me this circles back to the idea of how anyone who’s telling themselves that they don’t have time for meditation. I love telling this to people, there’s an easy way to just tiptoe into it that I promise you’re probably already doing. I call them mini meditations. What this is? Instead of sitting down and burning some incense and having to have everything quiet and so perfect at the exact right time, sitting down totally upright with your spine straight and it starts hurting after 20 seconds. Just get that idea out of your head. 

Instead, once you drop the kids off at school and you’re coming home and you’re parked in your outside your home, or you’re parked wherever you’re parked, don’t rush into the house. Sit in your car and take five deep conscious breaths. What do I mean by five deep conscious breaths? A conscious breath is when you are fully aware of and present with your inhale and your exhale and you would be amazed at actually how quickly your mind jumps away from that presence, from that awareness. That’s okay. That’s totally normal. I’ve been meditating for 20-plus years. 

That still happens to me a lot. If you’re able to find these little mini-meditation moments, that’s a really good one. You’re in the shower and instead of your brain going through all the things you got to do for the day. Instead, come into presence, and recognize the warm water on your back and streaming down your body. Be grateful for the fact that you have warm water today and you get a shower today. 

Not everyone in the world gets that. They’re called to presence I feel like these are little mini moments that you can take, little mini-meditations that you can have that allow you to step out of the normal running race that your brain is doing and just be. That’s really what a meditation is. These are really small ways to be able to start that anyone can fit into their day.

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We’re talking with Katie Krimitsos, did I say it right? 

Yeah, you did. Thank you. Well done. 

She’s the founder of something called the Women’s Meditation Network, which I’m going to have her explain more towards the end, like what’s involved with that. We’re talking about the importance of meditation for all of us but in particular women. I also think as far as the time thing that I think we just have to make it important. 

It’s one of those things if you put it off until I get everything done and then I’ll have time to meditate, that’s one of those things that you’ll probably not do very often. You have to like you say, you’re like even planning something as simple as when I pull in the driveway before I get out, I’m going to have five breaths. You can also find five minutes in the morning or 10 minutes in the morning before all the kids are up. 

When my kids were young, I created this little spot in the dining room. I had a little meditation chair and I had some music, I had some books. If our kids got up and they saw me in there, they knew just to stay quiet for a few minutes. I wasn’t in there for three hours. I was in there for maybe 15 minutes. I had to discipline myself to just get up 10 minutes earlier than the kids were going to get up for school or whatever. 

Abraham Lincoln has this beautiful quote and I’m going to so mess it up, but it’s something to the effect of, if you give me seven hours to chop down a tree, I’m going to spend the first six sharpening my axe. I could have those numbers wrong, but you get my point. To me, that’s how I have shifted my attitude towards taking care of myself. If you want to equate this, chopping down my tree is taking care of my kids, raising great kids, doing my work, spending time with my husband, keeping the house. 

All of those things that we’re managing on a daily basis, I cannot do them well if I don’t have a sharp axe. It’s going to take me longer and take more out of me if my axe is dull. I’m going to give you this example. It’s a little bit of an extreme example. I don’t want to put anyone one off on this, but I hope you’ll get the point. I’m an athlete. I’ve been an athlete my whole life and I cannot say I’ve ever loved running. I’ve had seasons where I’ve run more, but running just always comes with whatever sport I was doing. 

I don’t know about six weeks ago, I was going through this intense season, like just lots of layers. I think every parent out there can feel me on this. Every single million invisible and visible details of life, work, relationships, everything, tons of moving parts, a lot of unknowns. I was just feeling like just vibrating with anxiety. One day I was like, I need to move. I’m going to go run. I went on a run and I ended up running for an hour, which is insanely long for me, by the way. I’m like a 20-minute, 30-minute runner if that. It’s not fun right now. I ran and it felt amazing. I got that runner’s high. 

Let me just not gloss over it with that. How my brain felt at the end of that run was clear, calm, but alive and vibrant and that was incredibly empowering I went on my day and I just was like totally vibing high, right? I have done that almost every day since, which I’ve never done this in my whole life as an athlete, been like a daily runner. I have done that almost every day, and by the way, like where I go run, it’s like a two-hour chunk out of my day because I’m driving to this preserve, I’m in nature, I’m doing my hour-long run and then I’m driving home. It is a two-hour long day.

I have a five-and-a-half-hour work day if that, between when I’m dropping off kids and picking them up again. 40% of my work day is taken up by this but I have found that if I do that, the rest of the few hours that I have are incredibly efficient. Most importantly, I feel great. I feel good. I have been able to move things along so much quicker and faster, both in my work and everything else that kind of needs to get done before the kids get home because I’m taking this chunk out. On paper, it doesn’t look like the right thing to do because that’s too much time. In reality, energetically life shifts because I’m sharpening my axe. 

I read a story a long time ago. You like this. There’s this young man, he was really strong and all buff and everything. He hooked up with this up in the North West. He hooked up with this logging crew they were going to be chopping, cutting trees all day there was this older man who was on his little group and he thought this whole guy was not going to be able to do much. 

This young guy was working hard and the old guy took all these breaks. He took a long lunch and then took some more breaks in the afternoon. At the end of the day, the old man had cut twice as much as the young man, and the young guy said, “I don’t understand.” He said, “You took all those breaks. You took a long lunch. How’d you cut so much wood? You cut way more than me.” 

The old man said, “What you didn’t notice was that every time I stopped to take a break, I sharpened my saw.” Give our listeners some ideas about the different ways that they could have that quiet time because I think some of these envision I have to sit on in a lotus position with my hands and all that as opposed to there’s so many ways and your network, I’m sure. 

If we want to talk about a formal meditation, again, I love guided meditations. A non-guided meditation looks like you sitting down and just being there with as much quiet as you possibly can, closing your eyes in a comfortable position, and just being there. A guided meditation, I love it because I feel like especially for somebody who struggles to do that, to do the former, it gives you guidance. It does the hard work for you. 

Now you have my voice or the voice of some of my hosts who are guiding you along and telling you what to envision, telling you how to move your body, telling you how and when to breathe. I think it’s a really good, easy first step into any sort of regular meditation practice and it’s as easy as pressing play. I like that title. Let me press play on that. That’s it. Sit back, and relax. You just be in any comfortable position. Laying down, sitting up in your favorite chair, whatever that might be. That’s a formal meditation and an easy way to do formal meditation. 

I am a very big advocate of being in nature so anyway that you can be in nature. Most of the time this is like a moving meditation, but we can categorize that a little differently. For me, here in Florida, we have lots of preserves and lots of opportunities to be outside and see nature around you. The reason that I feel like this is so important is because when we’re talking about coming into finding stillness within, taking time to get out of the movement of your mind. Being in nature for me, and I have heard for many of my listeners, really encourages us to be present with what is around us. 

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When you’re present with nature and you’ve got birds flying around you and there’s fish jumping up and you can hear the wind through the trees, you cannot help but get how teeny tiny and small we are in this larger scope of the universe. Simultaneously, you also get how special, unique, and important you are. It’s this really weird, beautiful juxtaposition of the grandiosity of everything and the smallness of everything. For me, it uproots me from thinking that all those big, heavy things are not so big and heavy. Everything’s okay, we’re going to be okay, I’m going to survive, it’s all good. 

It dissolves the heaviness of a lot of stuff. That’s a great way. Journaling, I have mentioned before. Journaling is so good because it’s a chance for you to get out what’s in your brain so you can actually visually see it, start processing through it, and extract that energy from that so that you can create space for that stillness. The moving meditations again, this is I just described how that works for running for me, anything that gets your body moving because once again, when you’re physically moving your body, it really forces you into some level of presence.

Get out of your head.

All of these ways are powerful to be able to practice getting a little bit more out of your head and being able to see. When we say that, I want to expand on this. What that means is that you’re recognizing in any one of these modalities that I’ve just spoken about, the power of it is that we start recognizing all those thoughts, all of our thoughts, and they’re all over here. They’re all up here and you can immediately get, “My job is not to control those thoughts. 

My job is to watch those thoughts just pass by like clouds in the sky,” in that recognition, you also recognize, I’m not the thoughts, I’m the observer of those thoughts. In that recognition, a space opens up between the thoughts and you, your soul, and you start realizing, “There’s an openness here.” I believe that’s where our voices, that’s where our intuition is in that space, in that stillness. 

It’s that practice of really getting out of our minds. It’s more of recognizing that we are not our thoughts. That’s not who we are. There’s power in that because the thoughts that we are thinking, we now have the power to choose if they’re good for us and they are empowering for us, or we can choose to just let them fly by because they’re not really that empowering. 

I teach girls, I’ll have them close their eyes and bring up the most anxious thoughts that they get, the most common. I use the word notice. I say just notice those thoughts. They’re just words in your head. It’s not the truth, it’s using that reality, and it’s okay, but just notice them from it. Don’t judge them, don’t freak out. There’s someplace in your body, there’s probably some emotion going with those thoughts. Just notice that. Just notice it. 

I think even just something as simple as that can take people out of that rumination head thing that’s going on and just calm themselves down and then realize I do have some control of this. I don’t have control. There’s an old phrase I love, I tell girls, you’re not in charge of whether or not a bird lands in your head, but you’re always in charge of whether or not it builds a nest. Thoughts pop up, we don’t have control of what pops in our head, but once it’s there, then things like your meditation practices, then that’s you saying, I’m in charge of it now.

It is. These are all tools to see that you are 100% in charge of your life and you get to create it from the inside out. 

We’re talking with Katie Krimitsos and she has a really cool. I found it on Spotify. You can tell us in a minute where else you can find. It’s called the Women’s Meditation Network. There’s all kinds of resources on there about mindfulness, quieting yourselves, and taking care of yourselves. You mentioned nature before. I’m a big believer in that too. Sometimes you cannot take three hours to drive to a nature preserve and blow up, but you can bring nature to you. I’m not sure if you can see. I have three hikers outside. 


See a little goldfinch? 


They just went away. They’re a little skinny, but you can bring nature to you by even just having plants in your space, by having a birdfeeder outside your window. It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as taking a four-day hiking trip or something.

Go walk outside and instead of looking at all the zooming things in front of you, look up at the sky. How often do you do that? How often do you actually look up at the sky and just long enough to where you can see the clouds move and pretty soon you’ll see a bird fly by and you start realizing, “We’re a little lanced down here.” I think that’s very important. 

This is a hard one for many people today. When you’re out there glancing at the sky or taking your walk, maybe don’t bring your phone.

Maybe put the phone away for a little bit.

Although it’s interesting, I guess analytics for my show and guess what the number one way people listen to my show is? 

I would guess on their phones, on their podcast app. No? 


Really? That’s great. 

I thought that’s interesting. I wouldn’t have thought that. There may be times when it’s as simple as just you turn it off and then you can be outside for five minutes without devices. 

That’s very huge. 

Tell me how you, where you found like there’s some really nice quieting music, which I use sometimes when I’m working at my desk here. Where’d you find the music? How’d you create all the visualizations and things? Where’s all that from?

The music itself, so there are two companies that I license music out from. There’s the marketplace. Anyone who’s a creator who wants to create the music puts their stuff there and then I can license it out. I have a couple of different places where I do that and there’s some gorgeous music out there. I have two producers, two main producers, and really the process is, and I have a couple writers, and so all of us as writers are writing first and creating the scripts. Mine tend to be very poetic, very, I want to speak to your soul, like really intensely, meaningful, and full of messages and each of my writers has a different personality. 

I have another writer who writes for my Sleep Meditation for Women show, who is very descriptive visualizations, like mini-stories within these meditations. Anyway, so those all then go to the producers, and the producers each individually are very good at that. They will read the script and then go search these databases in order to find the music that makes that all sitting and both of my producers are just audio geniuses. 

They get the arc of the story of the meditation and that it’s not just slapping music behind words. It is about a full embodied experience of these magical words and the poetry coming out and the message that wants to be communicated through that and encompassing it in this music with sound effects, that can like give the listener goosebumps, that emotional journey that we really hope to provide every single time.

How can people find the Women’s Meditation Network? What are places they can land on? 

We’re a media company in that. We are all podcasts. These are 20 different podcasts. Whatever podcast player you currently use, whatever podcast player you’re using to listen to this show, all you have to do is go search Women’s Meditation Network or Meditation for Women. Generally, most of our shows will come up that way but under the Women’s Meditation Network, and you’ll see all the different variety of our shows. That’s all you have to do or you could go to WomensMeditationNetwork.com. You’ll visually be able to see all the shows there right away you can actually listen right there on the website. 

Are the podcasts, like you talking interviewing people or talking about a topic or are they more like a meditation?

I don’t do interviews. It is a full-blown guided meditation from start to finish. It’s me or the host welcoming the listeners and then, “Let’s get into our meditation today.”

Importance Of Parents Modeling For Their Kids

We’re talking to Katie Krimitsos and she’s the founder of the Women’s Meditation Network. Talk just for a minute as we wind down here, talk a little bit about the importance of parents modeling for their kids. 

If there is ever a universal parenting book written, it is like a model. How to parent, model it. Model what you want to see. That’s not the end all be all, but man is that a giant part of every aspect of parenting. When it comes to me and my beliefs about this particular stuff, like the mindfulness, the meditation, the willingness to take care of myself through alone time, through stillness. Yes, my kids are seeing that and they know mommy does meditations. 

We listen to a meditation of mine most every night. They’ve been doing that for years. There are times we don’t meditate in the day like cross-legged a lot really, but there are definitely times where they will find me sitting on the couch meditating. For me, it comes out. What I want to be able to instill in them is this sense of self-inquiry, self-awareness comes out in all the ways. Meaning if I yell at my kid and then I have to be self-aware enough to say, “What was my responsibility in that?

What happened? Let me break this down.” I do that with them watching. Like I’m, “Mommy’s volcano erupted.” That’s how we talk about it. “Mommy’s volcano erupted and I’m really sorry. Here’s what’s going on that’s why, and let’s talk this out, and let’s come back to the center thing.” They see me and my husband like have little spats and then they’ll see us apologize to each other. 

I think that all of it when just stuff they see me walking around very confident in my body without getting too explicit, I won’t cover up after a shower. I just walk through the house like I love my little girl seeing that. This sense of completeness, awareness, all of these things are so important for them to see that mommy loves her body, mommy’s shaking her thing like it’s awesome. We even have this dance because I don’t know, this happened six months ago where it was one of those moments out of the shower and I was just like, I was just shimming.

I love my body and they started doing it too they still do it almost every time they get out of the shower. I’m like, “Yes.”  The modeling of mindfulness, of awareness, of self-awareness, it happens and it gets accentuated in all of the ways that we are being. It’s even really important. I go on Katie retreats. I go on mommy retreats, they call them. There are times where life gets too intense. Mommy needs three days alone. I need 24 hours or 48 hours to just not be responsible for anyone other than myself. They know it. Dad knows it. I know it. Daddy takes over. 

They get daddy time mommy goes on a mommy retreat and they know what that’s called I’m very honest about what that is for me, “Mommy just needs some time by yourself.” My kids know the language of, “Mom, I just need some alone time in my room right now.” “Great. Awesome.” For me, it’s doing what I need to do for myself and making sure my kids see it and making sure I’m talking through it so they know what they’re seeing. Does that make sense? 

They’re always watching. I know a lot of moms get out of the shower and instead of saying, I love my body, what they say is, “Look at these roles I’m getting, look at this fat. I cannot fit in my clothes.” They hear a lot of negative self-talk and girls tell me all the time that yes, they’re influenced by social media. Yes, they’re influenced by their friends, but they’re also very influenced by their moms. One example of what we model is they’re watching, even though we don’t think that they’re hearing or watching, they are. 

All the time. That puts a lot of responsibility on us as parents and believe me, lots of grace here. I don’t do it perfectly all the time. There are plenty of times where I’m like, “That was not what I should have said then, or I did not do the right thing,” or I use words that I absolutely don’t want to use then you give yourself grace and you move on and so on and so on.

I’ve also found, because I work with girls all the way from grade school through college, even a little bit beyond. We had a grade school weekend retreat recently and we had 22 little third, fourth, fifth graders and had a middle school one like a few weeks before that and sometimes we’ll just take them outside and there’s like acres of woods and we’ll have them find a spot like under a tree or something and we’ll either have them close their eyes, sometimes we even blindfold them just listen to the wind going through the trees and the bugs and the birds and the whatever, to just focus on one sense at a time. 

A lot of the girls will keep coming to our retreats and summer camps. They’re used to it. It’s not a big deal. If you’re 16 or 18, it’s not like some weird thing you’re doing. I’ve been doing this and it’s actually really nice. I’ve experienced the calming myself down part. I’ve experienced accessing my intuition and all that. I think the same thing goes for parents. Once you get past that first initial demystifying it step, then it becomes like, I miss it when I don’t do it. Once again, tell people how to get to find you and how to find your meditations for women.

WomenMeditationNetwork.com or whatever podcast player you’re listening to this on, just go search for Women’s Meditation Network and you’ll see all of our podcasts there. 

Thank you so much for being on the show. I appreciate your time but also for what you’re doing. I think it’s a huge need.

Thank you. 

I just look around, there’s a lot of adults who are anxious and unhappy and restless and spending too much time on their social media, on their phones, and I think we’ve forgotten the importance of and or how to just be. 

Some adults are anxious, unhappy, restless, and spend too much time on their social media on their phones, yet we've forgotten the importance of being present. Share on X

Thank you. I agree with you. 

Your Women’s Meditation Network is one step in the direction of I need to learn how to quiet myself down, and get myself cooled off and be more present. 

Raising Daughters | Katie Krimitsos | Meditation And Mindfulness

Thank you for having me here. I really appreciate it. 

Thanks so much for being on the show. Thanks for joining in here with Katie Krimitsos. Anyway, I’ll put the links for her website and her Women’s Meditation Network in my show notes. It’s Katie@WomensMeditationNetwork.com and her last name is spelled Krimitsos. Katie Krimitsos. Look it up. I found some really nice music in there. I personally don’t like guided meditations, or visualizations that much, because I’m a really good listener one-on-one, where I’m with counseling girls in my retreats. 

I think I’m a really good listener, but I’m not a good listener to learn in a classroom or something. When I was in school, I would take copious notes because it helped me to stay focused and it’s the same with those guided imagery things. I wander off, which is probably not a bad thing, but try it out. Try your visualizations, try the music. Try something so you get in the habit of having your quiet time and do it regularly. As always, I’ll be back here in a week with a brand new episode here on the show. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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Raising Daughters | Katie Krimitsos | Meditation And MindfulnessNever perfect and always real, Katie Krimitsos has been using meditation as a tool to come within so sheb can create an intentional life. She’s a mom of two incredible daughters, wife to a soulful husband, and loves animals so much, she won’t kill a bug. Most of her wisdom has come from the depths of pain, and her writing seeks to connect us all in this human experience.


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