Letters from my Grandfather book

Timeless Wisdom For a Life Worth Living


Are you stressed out about becoming an adult?

Letters from My Grandfather book

  • Worried because you don’t have your whole life figured out, much less your university major or job choice?
  • Have fears that you will settle into a boring life path?
  • Don’t have a clue about finding your passion and calling?

Then this book was written for you, and, you’re not alone. Letters from My Grandfather was inspired by the high levels of stress and overwhelm shared with me by millennials figuring out their life path. Let the wisdom in these letters help you discover your purpose and a life worth living.



Tim Jordan M.D.
has the pulse of what’s going on with young adults by working with them for 30 years in his counseling practice and personal growth retreats and camps. Dr. Jordan has shared his wisdom by giving presentations throughout the USA and in 17 countries, authored 4 books, blogs and pod- casts, and as a media consultant.



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