Why Kids Love Boxes More Than Presents

It’s an old adage that little kids often end up playing more with the present boxes and wrapping paper than the presents themselves. And I think that is true for some very important reasons.

First of all, never forget that all children are wired to learn, wired to be curious, and that learning anything in and of itself is a rewarding experience. Kids love to learn! And if they are engaged in play of their own doing, there is always a tremendous amount of learning going on…and fun.

Kids of all ages LOVE big boxes; you know, the kind that comes from that new refrigerator or appliance.  It allows their creativity to go wild. They can build whatever their hearts desire, using their own imaginations. They will make up games and scenarios that they play out; again, it’s about having the freedom and autonomy to pursue their own interests. It’s the same reason kids love a box of grandmas old clothes to play dress-up games.

So you don’t need to spend a wad of dough this holiday season to make your kids happy. Give them toys that allow them to use their imaginations and creativity. Or maybe just some good old boxes.

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  1. Thank you for posting this–remember the “fort” in the living room? It is the wise parent who provides the “tools” for playful learning. Merry little and big boxes, Barb

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