Girl Talk

I had the privilege of sitting down with 6 sixth grade girls recently to give them input into what we would cover with our upcoming Strong Girls Strong World Program with their class. I asked one question, and off they went. It was awesome!

It reminded me of several things. Girls are hard-wired to connect, be in groups, avoid conflict and maintain social harmony, and to communicate. So it is imperative that we provide sacred spaces for them to share their stories and learn from and with one another. They need to know that what they are feeling and thinking is not crazy and that they are not alone. Girls love to support each other too, and being valuable in this way brings them a tremendous sense of fulfillment and joy.

I can’t wait to work with the whole class of girls next week. I know from lots of experience that they will welcome the chance to be real, honest, authentic, and vulnerable. They learn best in this type of learning environment, and the results will show just that. Find spaces for your girls to experience this kind of social-emotional learning.


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