015: Sex-Ed 2.0

Included in this week’s podcast:

  • Why the majority of sex-ed should be ‘relationship education’
  • How to build a healthy template at home for all future relationships
  • Learn and practice skills at home such as advocating for yourself, setting boundaries, and increasing self-love
  • How to teach girls to be aware of and trust their intuition

2 thoughts on “015: Sex-Ed 2.0”

  1. Hi Dr. Tim,

    You make so many great points about how to really equip and empower girls to handle themselves and make choices they’ll be happy with in romantic relationships. This kind of input is so helpful and correct and necessary…I think a lot of parents don’t realize that the way girls are treated in the home sets them up for how they will manage romantic relationships later. As I was listening, I was wondering…what about when they do find themselves in that scenario that meets their criteria for feeling good about going forward with sexual activity? Sexual feelings/expression is a need also as you know, and I was just wondering if you recommend them having a plan for contraception, etc. when they get to that point. Thanks for empowering girls!

    1. Vicki, thanx for the feedback and for listening to the podcast. I like for girls to create criteria for dating and sexuality in the quiet of their room, not in the heat of the moment. They can get clear about what is right for them and why, and let this guide their actions. In the passion of the moment, they don’t have to make a tough decision because they already have when they were clear headed. They are in charge of their bodies, and sexuality will be on their terms as much as the guys.

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