020: Stop Victimizing Your Daughter!

Included in this week’s podcast:

  • How we are teaching girls to be victims by the way we handle relationship aggression
  • How to teach girls to be responsible for their feelings and reactions
  • Practical tools for girls to handle teasing and gossip
  • Guiding girls to become inner-directed vs. a powerless victim
  • Powerful stories to illustrate keeping their power

1 thought on “020: Stop Victimizing Your Daughter!”

  1. Dr. Tim, Thank you so much — this was just what I needed to hear! My daughter is really struggling with some social challenges, and this gives some great pointers on how to help her find her own inner strengths. I love listening to your podcasts and reading your posts. As a mother of 4 daughters, I really appreciate your sensible guidance. Being a mom is tough, and it helps so much to have non-judgemental support. I have boys, also–would love to see tips for some of the things challenging boys as well. Thanks so much!

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