In this podcast Dr. Jordan will describe the many reasons why relationship aggression amongst girls has risen. This will include:

  • Pressures on girls today
  • The role of the female brain
  • Not enough quiet time to know what they are feeling nor having healthy ways to express emotions
  • Effects of an angry, disrespectful culture
  • Boys
  • Social media and technology
  • Coming from this understanding will enable parents to better support their daughters with friendship problems.

1 thought on “Why the Rise in Drama and Mean Girl Behaviors?”

  1. I just listened to your podcast on mean girls. Our thanks to you for help,years ago with our teens wanting to let you know all is well they are happily married and now loving parents. We are grateful for your parenting class we attended the week of camp Adam and Jenny went to mostly for your insight and encouragement to connect and move from traditional parenting to relationship c

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