My Dot Theory describes the secret to finding your purpose & calling

Finding your calling: be open to dots, follow your urges, and your life will unfold in its own way and in its own time


Pressure to follow one prescribed path

Kids are being pressured to follow one prescribed path, know what college they will attend, and have decided their major and career as teenagers. This is putting tremendous undue pressure on them.

The examples of Kalpana Chawla (1st female Indian astronaut), Jim Henson, Diane Sawyer, Nathan Sawaya, and Frank Lloyd Wright illustrate how people find their purpose and life’s work more as a zig-zag or meandering path vs a straight line.

Dr. Jordan’s Dot Theory

My Dot Theory: Think about the connect the dot drawings you did as a kid. You had no idea of the final picture, so you just continued to connect the dots until a picture emerged. This is a great metaphor for discovering your calling. Dots are any experience that crosses your path that you feel drawn to because it seems fun or because your gut, heart, and intuition is urging you to take. Over time, without having to connect these experiences yourself, the picture of your life will slowly but surely begin to emerge without having to force it.

Like the stories Dr. Jordan shares, be open to dots, follow your heart and what seems like fun without worrying about how it all fits.

You don’t need to know your whole life story as a teen or 20-something!

Value of interviewing adults

Interview every adult they meet and ask their story and read biographies to help you trust that the dot theory is true.

Not get so stressed out b/c you don’t know what you want to do with your life or even what you’re good at.

Trust your gut & the process of life

Take the pressure off and relax, it’s OK, you’re right on track

Trust that life will unfold for them marvelously, in its own way and in its own time

My friends, Relax and enjoy the ride!

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