Is Your Daughter the Next Beyonce? How to support her dreams

Listen to these fascinating stories to learn how to best support your daughter’s dreams

Show notes:

How can you support your children’s dreams and not squish them with practicality?

How do parents discourage children’s dreams?

Stories demonstrating how to support kids

Using some fascinating stories of real people like Jane Goodall, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Nicks, & Bobby Orr, Jordan shows ways parents can be more supportive of their children’s dreams

How can you help kids find their intrinsic motivation so that they do things for their reasons vs for approval or to not disappoint others

Provide experiences to expand their vision

How can you provide experiences related to and expand children’s dreams?

How can parents find tribes of kids with similar interests as their child for support?


When is it time to bring some reality and practicality to children’s dreams?

Model, model, model

Dr. Jordan discusses the importance of modeling going after your own dreams

Contacting Dr. Jordan:

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