Show Notes:

An invitation for world peace

A 13-year-old Japanese girl in 1955 shows us a model for lasting peace

Express gratitude for those who have been there for you

A heart warming, true story that teaches us to express gratitude for those who have and are “packing your chute”, i.e., people who have shown you kindness, mentored you, and been there for you in thick and thin

A story of oneness during WWII

During WWII, compassionate people on board a transport ship sing Christmas carols to captured German prisoners. At that moment, everyone on both sides of the wall experienced the universal truth – that at the core of our being, all people everywhere are one. They experienced ubuntu. Attitude of oneness & that we are all of one family that I spoke of in my last podcast. 

Thanx so much for listening in each week. Happy holidays to all my listeners and their families. See you next year!

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