Kindness and Peace Are Contagious; Spread Them Everywhere

Show Notes:

Mirror neurons cause peer pressure

Mirror neurons keep track of what other people are thinking, feeling, and doing. We are hard-wired to connect; alone = death

Individual choices are powerfully shaped by what other people do, think, want, and what we think they want us to do, there are powerful social influences on our behavior

Other people’s behaviors are contagious

Mirror neurons cause behaviors to be contagious; this is true for drinking, drugs, cigarettes, breaking rules, and stress at school. It’s also true for cheating on tests; we catch temptation when we see others give in to it.

Positive behaviors are contagious too

Works in (+) way too: can catch self-control, but we are more susceptible to temptations

Thinking about someone with good self-control can increase your own willpower. You ask self, “What would they do?” This is truer the closer you are to the person.

Kindness and peace are contagious

Kindness is contagiousI’m challenging you to be kind and generous this holiday season and to show kindness wherever and with whomever you can & practice ubuntu; it’s obvious that our world, big and small, needs both.

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