Show Notes:

Four 21-year-old women candidly share about their lives, future, & the effects of covid. Here are some questions they answered.


How has covid affected your education?

Relationships, dating, & partying

What is it like to be 21 today? How are you & your peers handling covid? How has covid affected your relationships, education, partying, and dating?

How do you view your future?

Future: Do you think about it much? Fears? Pressures & stress? Excited?

How do 21-year-olds view dating & marriage

How do you & your peers view dating & marriage? 

Sexual harassment & #metoo movement

What has been the effect of the #metoo movement? What have been your experiences with sexual harassment?

Pressures to break glass ceilings

Is leaning in & breaking glass ceiling on your radar? Do you feel pressure to be top student, athlete, CEO?

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