Girls Who Are Their Friend’s Therapist Get Overwhelmed; Here’s How To Support Them

Show notes

Girls who are mature, old souls

Dr. Jordan describes mature girls who are empathetic and become their friend’s therapist

Benefits girls receive from being a confidant

The value girls derive from being a confidant

Costs of taking care of everyone else but not yourself

The costs to girls of taking care of everyone else but not their own needs

How to teach girls to take care of themselves

Dr. Jordan describes the importance of girls taking care of their own needs first and being grounded

Girls need to learn to NOT take responsibility for their friend’s problems and emotions and to let go of their friend’s feelings to avoid becoming overwhelmed themselves

Girls need to set boundaries

Parents need to give girl’s permission and the skills to set boundaries with their friends

Validate who your daughter is

Validate who your daughter is and also value the necessity of self-care to avoid becoming drained and experiencing burnout

Stop a world from learning poem is from The Tao of Healing, by Haven Trevino

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