Anxious Girls Can Learn to Tame Rumination

Show Notes:

Ruminating, i.e., making mountains out of molehills, causes much anxiety in girls & can be tamed with awareness & tools

Help girls understand why they ruminate and learn tools to handle it and their anxiety

Real life stories of anxious girls

Dr. Jordan shares real stories from six girls whose life experiences have triggered them to ruminate worst-case fears that overwhelm them

How the female brain is wired to ruminate

Dr. Jordan explains how the female brain is wired to ruminate and some evolutionary reasons why that may be true.

Rumination can be positive if used to learn from experiences and to gain courage and confidence from overcoming adversity.

How girls ruminate worst-case scenarios

Ruminating worst-case causes girls to create mountains out of molehills resulting in anxiety, stress, and feeling overwhelmed.

Demystifying anxiety and rumination can take a lot of the energy out of it for girls

Tools to handle and prevent rumination

Tools to catch and switch out of ruminating: bring yourself to the present moment with breath work and focusing on one sense at a time; creating mantras to switch out of anxious thinking, doing a reality check

Parent’s contribution to their daughter’s anxiety

Dr. Jordan stresses the importance of parents watching their own anxiety and energy around their daughter’s emotions so their daughter feels their support and confidence in them

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For more information about teaching girls about their self-talk and in handling their anxiety, check out Dr. Jordan’s online courseParenting girls: The challenges girls face today with their feelings and friends and what they need 

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