Overcome Overwhelming Stress and Live a Fulfilling Life

How to overcome overwhelming stress and live a fulfilling life

Show Notes:

Edgar Allan Poe’s Descent Into the Maelstrom Metaphor

Dr. Jordan uses Edgar Allan Poe’s story, Descent into the Maelstrom, as a metaphor for how people with overwhelming stress can learn to live a fulfilling life.

Electronics & social media has sped up the Pace of life

It’s hard to feel quiet and grounded because everything seems to be moving so fast, with no time for breathing or rest. Like the photo accompanying these notes, it can sometimes feel like everything is crashing down on us like waves in the ocean. This includes the incessant onslaught of information, texts, emails, and social media.  And it also includes all the uncertainty, losses, and stress from the covid pandemic. 

Stresses experienced by adolescent girls

Dr. Jordan discusses many of the stresses that adolescent girls are experiencing today: schoolwork, activities, college process, select sports, friendship dramas, dating relationships, and the effects of covid on them and their families.

How can we extricate ourselves from our present-day maelstrom?

What we need to slow down and really live

We need to reach out and grab onto something solid, our own water cask if you will. This can include connecting with loved ones or pouring ourselves into meaningful work we have a passion for. It could also look like being of service in some way to others in need and putting yourself into a state of gratitude by expressing appreciation in some way. 

Most importantly, we need to connect more with people and extend kindness whenever we can.

Live in the moment and savor the moments

Dr. Jordan shares three quotes that illustrate the need to live more in the present moment, savor the moments, and taking action to create momentum and energy forward.

Focus on what you DO have control over

We don’t always have control over experiences thrown our way, but we do have control over how we respond to life’s challenging whirlwinds. Grab onto your “cask” and rise above the fray towards feeling contentment and grounded.

Contact Dr. Jordan: www.drtimjordan.com

To learn more about creating the life you desire, read Dr. Jordan’s book, Letters From My Grandfather: Timeless Wisdom For a Life Worth Living

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