The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Parents – Part 2

Show Notes

Dr. Jordan offers 3 more parenting strategies that will cause their daughters to become miserable adults:

Focus on what you do have control over & solutions

5. Focus on unhealthy things: too often focus on things you have no control over; better to focus on what you make of negative experiences and adversity, you are in charge of your story, focus on reframing negative beliefs you have about past adversities

Live in the present moment and mindfulness

6. Not live in present: conditioned when you get a little bored or frustrated to just swipe and move onto next photo or next person or what’s next vs savor each moment

Ruminate worst-case, live in future, focus on grades and results vs focus on the process; creates stress & pressure

Practice mindfulness, live in the present, focus on the journey and  not the destination 

Learn to be alone & quiet

7. Girls don’t learn how to be alone and quiet: we’ve taught girls to be busy & distracted vs enjoy alone, quiet time; Dr. Jordan discusses why parents micromanage and push their kids and the costs to kids because of it

Reflection, intuition, & knowing thyself

Kids need to learn to check in with their thoughts & feelings, reflect, contemplate, soul search, access intuition & gut, make decisions, know what you want and need, KNOW THYSELF

Parents can learn to become aware of they are following some of these unhealthy habits and to do it different

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For some practical parenting strategies for understanding and managing girl’s emotions and friendship issues, check out Dr. Jordan’s online course, Parenting girls: The challenges girls face today with their feelings and friends and what they need

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