The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Parents Pt. 1

Show Notes

Dr. Jordan offers 7 ineffective parenting strategies that will result in their daughters becoming miserable adults:

Making decisions to please or to not disappoint others

  1. Make choices to not disappoint others or to please others vs making decisions based on what’s right and best for them. Parents need to start asking kids their reasons for doing everything, help them to become self-motivated, autonomous, more fulfilled and happier

Buy into cultural myths & standards

2. Buy into cultural myths: one narrow path for all kids to follow, one mistake as young adults will totally derail their entire life, advertising’s message that they are never enough, and the triple bind unrealistic standards all girls and women must follow; girls need to set their own standards and create their own path

Raise kids who are externally motivated

3. Kids are conditioned to become externally motivated and to need externals like praise, approval, be applauded, popular, and rich in order to be happy and successful; they become dependent on others for their sense of themselves

Focus on keeping up with the jones’ children

4. Kids and families follow the cultural script of keeping up with the Jones’ vs taking the time to create their own end in mind to guide their decisions and behaviors

Part 2 next week will describe 3 more habits that are unhealthy for kids, parents, and families

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