How Kind Heroes Can Change a Child’s Life

Show Notes

Listen to 4 true stories about kind heroes who made a huge impact on how children saw themselves, me included.

My encounter with legend Stan Musial

Listen to how Stan Musial, one of the greatest baseball players in history, became my hero just by caring enough to notice me and talk with me.

Hockey great Bobby Orr inspires a young boy

Bobby Orr, the greatest defenseman in NHL history, did an act of kindness to a little boy in his hockey camp and inspired him to be a better dad.

Charles Schultz made time to connect with me

The creator of the Peanut’s comic strip, Charles, Schultz, answered my letter to him years ago and even sent me an original 4 panel cartoon with my favorite character Sally. He inspired me to never be too busy to not spend a moment connecting with people and answering their requests.

Peanuts cartoon

Heroes come in different packages

Most heroes are not soldiers, first responders, or professional athletes. We need to acknowledge more people like teachers, social workers, custodians, and anyone in the service sector who are sometimes doing tough, necessary jobs that most of us do not want to do.

Dr. Jordan shares a true story about a teacher who made a difference in the life of a lonely girl with a cleft palate and changed the way she saw herself.

ACKNOWLEDGE people who made a difference in your life

Send a note of gratitude to someone who made a difference for you growing up.

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She Leads
She Leads

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