How to Teach Children to Live a Meaningful Life

An interview with Vitaliy Katsenelson, author of the new book, Soul in the Game, about teaching kids to live a meaningful life.

Show Notes: 

Have a higher vision for your children than they have

It’s important for parents to have a higher vision for their kids than they might have at vulnerable periods of their life

How to teach kids to develop focus

The author discusses the importance kids developing a very narrow, single focus because you become what you give your attention to. We discuss some ways to help kids develop this focus.

Teaching kids to develop good habits & an identity of a good person

We discuss how to help kids develop habits that will keep them on target and how to help them create an identity that they are the kind of person who has these habits.

How struggling is suffering with a purpose

Vitaliy Katsenelson discusses how struggling is suffering with a purpose, and now the purpose or why is the fuel that makes you overcome the pain; embrace uncertainty and mistakes and failures; when you figure out why you are doing something and that why is important to you, suffering turns into struggle or a surmountable challenge and thus becomes more tolerable.

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