Are You Too Close to Your daughter?

Being too close & enmeshed in your daughter’s life will prevent her from finding herself, her path, & happiness

Show Notes:

In this podcast, learn the many ways that it can look when parents are too enmeshed in their daughter’s life, why it happens, and what girls need.

Some examples of enmeshed parent-daughter relationships:

Some examples of enmeshed parent-daughter relationships:

Daughter makes choices and decisions to please and not disappoint parents

Parents using their daughter as their confidant, causing girls to become overwhelmed

Girls believe they are responsible for their parent’s happiness

Girls feel they are responsible for their parent’s happiness, depression, or any mental health issue

Parents have a really hard time letting their daughters grow, leave the nest, and become their own person independent of their mom

Parents become way too involved in their daughter’s schoolwork, friendships, dating relationships, and decision-making

What can girls & parents do? 

Parents need to become aware of any ways they are being overinvolved, or they are too dependent on their daughters

Awareness is the key

Parents need to work thru past issue, express feelings, and make better sense of it so not put your story into your daughters

Parents need to handle their own issues

Parents need to handle their own present issues, like marriage problems, so that your D doesn’t need to feel responsible

Girls need to understand why their parent acts the way they do so they don’t take it personal or take responsibility for their parent’s feelings, mental health, or happiness; this is not about me!

It’s important that girls find healthy adults to talk to, vent, share: friend’s parents, counselor

How counseling can help with enmeshed parents

Use one-on-one counseling for your daughter, yourself, and your marriage if needed as well as family counseling

Girls need space to become who they were meant to be, not be shackled with their parent’s old baggage, space to find themselves and make choices based on what’s right for them, solve own problems, make mistakes and learn from them, and to follow own path and create their own destiny.

If your daughter needs help with the above-mentioned issues, call my office at 636-530-1883 to get some one-on-one counseling.


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