What to Ask Your Daughter Instead of, “How Was Your Day?”

Show Notes

To get your daughters to share more & to remain an influence in their lives, use these questions vs the standard, “How was your day?”

The need to redefine how courage & leadership look

We have a very narrow vision for who is a hero, who is brave, and who is a leader. Because of that, most girls don’t see themselves as those things because they aren’t a first responder, team captain, professional athlete, or the popular queen bee. 

How girls demonstrate bravery & leadership

Dr. Jordan offers listeners a long list of ways girls show courage, power, and leadership. We need to better notice and affirm those qualities in our girls so that they start seeing themselves in that light.

Dinner table conversation starters to elicit deeper, more insightful conversations

Dr. Jordan also offers 11 conversation starters for the dinner table to instigate deeper and more insightful conversations. These questions will get you passed mumbled 1-word answers to the standard question: “How was your day?”

These could also be used to create deeper conversations around your holiday dinner tables to direct talk away from superficial gossip or politics.

Sample of Conversation starters:

Were you able to: Not let words bother you? Handle a conflict directly & peacefully? Set a boundary? Stand up for yourself or others? Bring a group together? 

For a copy of the conversation starters, go to my website at https://drtimjordan.com/books/

For 202 great, insightful questions to ask around the nightly dinner table, during car rides, or around the holiday table, check out my Dinner Dialogue cards at https://drtimjordan.com/books/


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